Returning Clothing, New Series and More for Red Dead Online

In a time where a lot of us are stuck at home due to worldwide events we all know about, Rockstar has stocked up the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. stores all around the state with limited edition clothing. They’re still limited, so run and get yours now!

Cowboys in the world of Red Dead Online will also be able to take advantage of new bonuses and a brand new Featured Series.

  • 50% more Role XP;
  • Double XP on all A Land of Opportunities, Free Roam Missions and Events;
  • Rank based rewards until June 1st;

Those with the thirst for blood can participate in the new Featured Series, with new Showdown Mode variations and unique weapons. This week, players will be able to play:

  • Overrun (The Manor and Sisika Penitentiary maps);
  • Spoils of War (Fort Mercer and Orchard);
  • Plunder (Saint Denis and Saint Denis Plantation);
  • Up in Smoke (Blackwater and Lanik Electrical)

More info on the Rockstar Newswire!