Red Dead Online: PvE Week

Bonuses for 7th-13th September 2021


Call to Arms – double money + double XP
Free Roam Missions – double money + increased Capitale loot
Gang Hideouts – increased Capitale loot
Blood Money Crimes – increased Capitale loot


5 Gold Bars off Bounty Hunter License
30% off Role pamphlets
40% off Role gun belts
40% off Breton horse breed
40% off Saddle stirrups
50% off Saddle spurs
40% off all ammo

New Items

Quick Draw Club Pass No.3 has arrived!
Cost: 25 Gold Bars
Expires: 4th October
Unlockable rewards include new knife variant, mullet hairstyle, Layham Jacket and Beadnell Sight

Returning/Free Items

Weapon mod – Blue Enamel Inlay Material
Clothing – The Zapatero outfit (as seen on Javier)
Clothing – Bandit Mask
Login bonus – log into the game for free special snake oil x3 + potent bitters x3
Ammo bonus – buy a weapon mod for free buckshot incendiary shotgun shells x25 + express revolver rounds x200
QDC Pass purchase bonus – owners of previous two passes that buy No.3 this week will receive free Capitale x25 + fast travel vouchers x10

Prime Gaming

Connect to Prime Gaming before 28th September to receive:
Free vitalism studies pamphlet
50% off any Established or Distinguished-level Naturalist role item

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