GTA Online: AFK Week

Bonuses for 9th-15th September 2021


Vehicle Vendetta – double money and double RP
Car Meet Rep – earn double rep on all activities (with 4x Rep at the merch shop according to TezFunz2)
Nightclub Warehouse – double production speed


Karin Previon (returns from GTA San Andreas!)


Prize Ride Challenge – win 8 Sprint races for a Pfister Growler
Casino Podium – spin the wheel for a chance at winning the Truffade Adder


40% off:
Nightclubs and nightclub upgrades/renovations
Declasse Hotring Sabre
Lampadati Michelli GT
Overflod Imorgon
Buckingham Alpha-Z1
30% off:
Progen PR4
Annis ZR350


Car Meet Test Track vehicles – Karin Previon, Pfister Comet S2, Dinka RT3000
Premium Race – Taking Off (Supers class)
Time Trial – Casino
RC Time Trial – Construction Site I

Prime Gaming

Login bonus – $100k cash
35% off Obey Tailgater S
80% off Vapid Flash GT

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Source: Rockstar Newswire