Police purchase gta3 in sniper investigation

TheJefferson.com are reporting that Montgomery County detectives have purchased GTA3 to see if the game could have influenced the sniper. Yeah, right.Chief : Detective, is that a computer game you’re playing?
Detective : Erm, no sir.
Chief : It looks like it to me! You better have a damn good reason for this!
Detective : Erm… well….You know being a detective is a tough job – detectives take drugs and hire prostitutes every night, all in the line of duty. You know all those cops in the UK who have been arrested for having kiddie porn? They aren’t guilty! They were just investigating to see if it can lead to child kidnappings!In “Grand Theft Auto 3,” once a player acquires a rifle, he can shoot people walking along city streets and in parks, including police officers. When a player uses the rifle, the video screen turns into a rifle scope with crosshairs. The player shoots, the rifle recoils as the shot is heard and — if hit — the target falls to the ground dead.“You’re almost like a sniper in the video game,” Momyer said. “You take people out on the streets.”I can honestly say that GTA3 hasn’t made me any a less wholesome person. What was that 8-ball? You want to want me to throw a molotov coctail at Tank? You want me to hit DigitalD with a baseball bat? Well, if you say so!