OPS2M Germany : Map

The map that has been spreading around with the Official Playstation2 Magazine Germany has been accused of being falsified and just a guessed artwork, however with the new scans we can read that there is truth to it.

“Unfortunately we were not able to take a picture of the map, therefore we drew an approximate representation of what we saw. There is of course countryside and much more between the 3 outlined cities. Everything you see on the map is accessible by car, and don’t forget, each city is the size of GTA Vice City.”

August 2004 Issue of Playstation2 Magazine Germany (OPS2M).

In order to give you a better understanding of the map released with OPS2M, we touched it up and give our own interpretation on it. For those of you quick to point out that the August PSM:US preview claims Las Venturra is in the bottom right corner, well just rotate the map ~30º and it will be.. and about the mountain.. we’re sure it fits in there somewhere!