OPM2 Netherlands Review

The Official Playstation 2 Magazine of the Netherlands has seemingly reviewed San Andreas, and placed a review on their website, unable to place it in their November issue. Their score leaves me wondering what the priority is in video games nowadays. OPM2 NL gave San Andreas the total score of 88/100, after criticising the graphics, aiming setup and boring, uninspired missions. As positives, they welcomed the two-player function, the scope of the state and the amusing dialogue and voice acting.

Their conclusion is:

San Andreas is brought down by its slow, preserved graphics. Though the game has grown to be a immensely large, funny and rather violent videogame.

Graphics 13/20

Music & Sound 19/20

Gameplay 56/60

Total Score 88/100

– Official Playstation 2 Magazine NL, December 2004

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