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Here’s a few useful topics that have emerged from our San Andreas forums on

My San Andreas Gameplay Videos

If you are not in possession of the PS2 version of the game, or are waiting for the PC version, cpmusick85 has put up a great selection of high-quality DiVX gameplay videos. He’s done over around 50 videos already, and I highly recommend them.

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Export your GTA: San Andreas holiday snaps

If you’re interested in exporting the pictures you’ve taken in-game with your picture camera, there have been some tools released to let you do just that. A San Andreas gallery viewer tool has been developed, and there’s information about moving pics to the EVO pen drive as well as more information in a topic on PlanetGrandTheftAuto forums.

Clothiers Guide to San Andreas

The Untouchable has put together a guide to the clothing stores in San Andreas. It includes all purchasable items, their prices and effect on sex appeal and respect percentages.

Feel free to come and look around our San Andreas forums, no registration required to look around, so everyone’s welcome. Oh, and hoping this page won’t have its bandwidth raped within an hour, here’s someone who is seriously obsessed with his copy of San Andreas.