No more Hot Coffee.

I refuse to make some snarky, sarcastic entry about the Hot Coffee fiasco. I’ve had it. I don’t care anymore. It went out of control, becoming an orgy of press and populace. Nutter protestors and politicians (and Jack Thompson, who deserves a category all his own) are on a rampage, going after everyone and anyone who looks at em’ funny. It’s like watching those insane Japanese arcade gamers bust-a-groove to Dance Dance Revolution. And much like the DDR fanatics of the far east, I don’t know what the hell these protestors are doing (besides making a lot of noise, drawing tons of attention, and scaring me just a little). But do I care? No. And I refuse to make any sort of quasi-witty remark about it all. That would just be childish of me, wouldn’t it?

Now, with that said and done, here’s the deal: Rockstar Games has tossed up, a website that offers a content patch which (I presume) will be added to future releases of San Andreas.

Even though it’s your own choice as to whether or not you install Hot Coffee in the first place, if you’re one of those paranoid few who think garden gnomes are going to bust into your room late at night and install Hot Coffee under the cover of darkness, you may want to take a look at this patch.

“The “Hot Coffee” scenes were not intended to be part of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas experience. If your copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC has been altered by the unauthorized “Hot Coffee” download circulating on the Internet, or if you wish to prevent your version from being so altered, follow the appropriate link below to download and open the “No More Hot Coffee” game patch. Then follow the simple installation instructions.”

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