New San Andreas PC Previews Online

Things are finally starting to get busy around here. Tonight The Adrenaline VaultGameZone and Game Revolution have put up previews of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC, based on a preview session granted to them over the weekend by Rockstar.

There are no new screenshots, but the sharp eyed ones among you might have noticed that the screenshots put up yesterday at various gaming sites were resized and not of original high quality. Rockstar has sent high quality screenshots around once again, and The Adrenaline Vault has come through and put up the original versions. A much better idea of what to expect from the PC version, surely. Expect us to be carrying all the screenshots released online so far starting from Friday.

It seems like Rockstar invited representatives from quite a few gaming sites at the same time, so almost everything that is being reported comes from the same setting. Besides what we’ve heard already about improved graphics, we are reminded about real-time shadows, and of course the oft-mentioned MP3 radio station. Replays will also be returning from previous GTA’s on PC. It is difficult to decipher whether the replay mode has been revised or is coming back in the form witnessed in GTA: Vice City. Yesterday’s previews even brought conflicting information in that aspect. The Adrenaline Vault has this to say:

It is now possible to replay your insane trick jumps, killing sprees, or showdowns with the fuzz with 4 stars via a camera control, enabling you to take in every angle and give an Ebert and Roper-esque rating. Those replays can be saved and then viewed by anyone with the game.

The articles mention that the game visuals had to be largely scaled down for the PS2 version, however the original high resolution graphics from game development will be showing themselves in the PC version.

Read through the previews and leave your thoughts at the San Andreas PC and Xbox discussion forums. Keep an eye on Gaming Age OnlineWorthPlayingGameDaily and Games Domain. They are also set to run preview stories.