New GTA Stuff in 2k6

Take2’s always-interesting 3rd quarter meeting was today, which could only mean one thing: Vauge info about an upcoming GTA title. Since they give the bare minimum ammount of details needed to keep their stockholders happy, there’s really not much to report. So, I’ll just cut to the chase and paste in bits from the press release which pertain to R* and let you draw your own conclusions…

In the third quarter, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Xbox and PC and Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition for the PSP system. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition was the best selling PSP title in the United States in July, according to NPD Funworld� estimates. Also in the third quarter, Rockstar launched the PlayStation 2 Greatest Hits version of Red Dead Revolver, bringing Take-Two’s catalog of Greatest Hits products for PlayStation 2 to eleven titles.

Rockstar released Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition for the PSP in Europe last week in conjunction with the European launch of the PSP system. Later in the fourth quarter Rockstar is introducing an all new Grand Theft Auto title: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, for the PSP in North America and Europe. Returning to Liberty City, the setting of Grand Theft Auto 3, the title has an entirely original storyline with all new missions and the freedom, production value and gameplay of all Grand Theft Auto titles.

Also planned for fourth quarter release is The Warriors� for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, a new Rockstar title based on the Paramount Pictures feature film. Developed by Rockstar Toronto, The Warriors expands the cinematic journey of the film, reinventing the street brawler to create an intense, stylized and unparalleled gameplay experience.

Rockstar’s fiscal 2006 pipeline includes the release of Bully on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in the second quarter and a sequel of a Rockstar brand in the third quarter. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PlayStation 2 is expected to be released in Japan in the first quarter. A title based on a new brand for the Xbox 360� is planned for the second quarter. Additional fiscal 2006 products include two new titles for the PSP system, as well as extensions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

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