Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Developments

Yesterday the Multi Theft Auto team released a teaser trailer for their upcoming multiplayer mod for GTA: San Andreas. It showcased several unannounced features such as nitro powerups and hinted at a large, unannounced feature. Today this feature was revealed in a new video. The feature is a race editor that allows you to place ramps, pickups, roads, land masses and other models on the map. Such an editor is an original development, not something that any of the other multiplayer projects have attempted before. The video itself demonstrates the principle behind it well, the team continue to assure us that their San Andreas version of MTA will be the best ever – a long way beyond where Multi Theft Auto had originated, as an extension to the GTA3 Admin Console. The editor is only the first step in what the team call the ‘Blue Platform’, which should in the end provide a whole system for modders and coders to use in developing sophisticated mods, far more than just multiplayer is expected from ‘Blue’ once it’s finished. Sadly, the modding features are not scheduled to make an appearance until later releases of the mod.

Both videos are available from their site. Everyone is welcome to discuss the development of MTA:SA on internet relay chat for more information.

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