Have You Seen These Los Santos Residents?

Update: There is a fake twitter account claiming to be Haylee, one of the Epsilon contest winners. This twitter account is spreading false information about the game. You can follow the real Haylee at her twitter account here.

Rockstar Games just tweeted the website cultstoppers.com asking if you have seen these Los Santos residents.

The website calls alert to possible abductions by the Epsilon Program. Are these people the Epsilon contest winners? A passage from the site reads:

Most people don’t realize they’re in a cult until it’s too late. You start off excited about some better way to live, then progress to worshipping some drug-ravaged sexagenarian psychopath, then progress to worshipping the penis of some drug-ravaged sexagenarian psychopath.

The website also states there will be a full site launched soon. For more information stay tuned and join in on the discussion at GTAForums