GTANET Premium Membership

April Fools!

As of the first of June, GTANET will be turning into a pay-service. A premium membership programme been planned ever since the beginning of the year, and our frequent forum visitors might have even noticed a Premium Members group that was setup earlier in the year. We have discussed this move amongst ourselves and decided that this step is essential in developmening the quality of our sites. With the premium membership underway, we will be able to provide financial compensation to our workers, and in turn improve the network.

From the 1st of June, our visitors will be presented with the choice to purchase either a Basic Plan, a Bonus Plan or a Platinum Plan.

Reading NEW NewsXXXX
Posting on ForumXXXX
Access to Network ContentXXX
Access to News ArchivesXXX
Text Styles on Forum (bold, italics)XXX
Viewing/Downloading MediaXX
Starting Topics on ForumXX
Signatures on ForumXX
Avatars on ForumXX
Posting NewsX
No Rules on ForumX
Have Your Own Forum GangX
Monthly PaymentsFREE!$10$20$50

So that everyone knows where the money is going, for the hard work that our staff has put into the site over the years, the founders will receive $2000 and forums administrators and site staff $1000. Our moderators will continue to fulfill their duties as a hobby, which cannot be unfairly rewarded with financial gain.

We hope to see all of you enjoying the benefits of our new premium members system soon!

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