“GTA4” “Sex Scenes” Follow-Up

Resident modding and programming super-genius Steve M got a hold of the writer at The Inquirer who started the below, would-be controversy. When asked to point out sources to back up the story, the response was as follows:

For a corroborating source (or two) see

Also, for the record, I’m a GTA fan…


So, judging by the complete lack of any factual corroborating, one can only assume The Inquirer saw the pic from Hot Coffee or the cynical remark at the bottom, and jumped the gun when drawing a conclusion before press time. ‘Tis an honest (if not utterly silly) mistake, but, hey, it’s the intarweb, what else is new? 😉

Thanks to Steve for getting to the bottom of this. And thanks to Aaron from The Inquirer for sorta clearning this up. It’s almost too bad really, I was kind of hoping for some nice fake screens to laugh at…