GTA V for PC Officially Released

September 17th 2013 seems so long ago, doesn’t it? Patience has prevailed as the day has finally arrived for the Grand Theft Auto PC community as GTA V has released worldwide on computer platform.

With stunning upgraded visuals and new features such as custom radio, additional music and the hotly anticipated Rockstar Editor, the PC version promises to be a delight!

Find below some important release day information:

Day 1 Patch

Whether you’ve downloaded digitally or you’ve obtained the 7 disc beast of a physical version, we’re told there is 5GB release patch on install, so you may have some additional waiting time before playing. You can read more about this here on GTAForums.

Driver Updates

Before opening the game, you may wish to update your graphics card drivers. Click here for Nvidia and here for AMD, both of which have been optimised for GTA V.

Issues and Bugs

Now you know we all love Rockstar, but it’s impossible for release day to go completely smoothly. We’re hearing reports about stuttering, crashes and Social Club problems from some players. The best thing to do at the moment is a) have (just a little more) patience! and b) check Rockstar PC support. There are pinned topics highlighting known issues or you can submit a ticket if you can’t find what you’re looking for; it’s likely they are working on bug-fixing patches as we speak. Additionally, head on over to the PC section of GTAForums to report and share problems you’ve faced and discuss with other players.

Got 60FPS?

If you’re wondering how well other players are performing, or what you’ll likely to be able to play with your own specs f you haven’t quite installed yet, share your average framerate with the community.


If you’re already in awe of the game and have taken a few hundred Snapmatics, why not share them? If angles and lighting is your thing, join the Professional Snapmatics weekly contest and share your artistic snaps, while all general screenshots can be shared right here.

Crew Up

With GTA Online available from day one, we’ve got the difficult choice of story mode or multiplayer on first playthrough. Whatever you pick, head on over to the GTAForums Recruitment forum if you’re looking for crew mates or need some additional players for your own crew for once you get online. Heists will also be available from day one, so you’ll need some trusty friends. Be sure to check out the GTAForums Official Crew as well if you want to wear our logo!

Keep checking back as we’ll be reporting on updates and patches as and when they happen during the next few weeks!