GTA Advance

At the end of last year, Take 2 announced that they are developing a Grand Theft Auto title for the Gameboy Advance handheld. Nothing has been specified over the course of this year, however the past two weeks have already held two news stories about it.

Nintendo announced it’s fall lineup, and marked for October 19th on the GBA console is “Grand Theft Auto Advance (Rockstar).” Promising news, and the release of this game seems far beyond doubt. Related link.

Following up to the release date announcement, we have learnt that GTA Advance will be a whole new game, as opposed to a port of one of the previous games in the series. Ferrago gives us this:

Whilst an isometric, top-down view will once again be used as in the original, a brand new story will hold the game together – making the new title highly desirable to the long-running series many fans.

Stay around for more updates on this new GTA game.