Grand Theft Auto V Released

Yes, the day has finally come!

Whether you’ve been playing since midnight or still waiting for your copy, September 17th has arrived around the world and GTAV is now available.

It’s been a long journey since GTA IV, with mixed emotions of excitement, anticipation and sometimes frustration, but we can’t thank you enough for joining us along the way and supporting the GTA Network, and that goes for you too, Rockstar.

BUT, this is not a goodbye speech, there is still PLENTY more to come from us. No one can deny the depth of GTAV, and as every fan gets their hands on their copy and dives into the world of Los Santos and Blaine County, there’s a wealth of information to learn and experiences to have, and we’ve still got GTA Online to come in around 2 weeks time!

If you’ve got any questions or something to discuss (if you can pry yourself away from the game, that is) we’ve opened up some additional subforums over on GTAForums, where you can get mission help, cheats and report any bugs. Rest assured that there will also be plenty of indepth info and guides published very shortly!

In the mean time:

  • Social Club – GTAV features have now been released on the Social Club, with stat pages and checklists, as well as the Snapmatic app where you view photos taken using the in-game phones. As of right now, it’s running a little slow and some features appear to be unavailable, but that’s expected with the huge demand and I’m sure that’ll be fixed soon.
  • GTA V Manual – you may have noticed the manual in your game case is not quite as ‘full’ as previous games, well that’s because Rockstar have decided to go digital due to the sheer size of the GTAV world! A 100+ page manual is now available as an app on iOS devices. Android and PC/Mac are coming soon.

Have a great V day!