Game Informer Reader Q&A

As promised, GI Editor Matt Bertz has just posted a reader Q&A with answers to questions posted directly from fans on their website comments.

Whilst most points have been covered previously, there are some new tidbits of information such as character interaction and abilities.

And in case you haven’t listened yet, Game Informer also released a special edition podcast yesterday, where they discuss their first impressions of the press demo they received at Rockstar Headquarters. Be sure to check GI’s GTA V Hub for other features released so far.


  • You can’t play the entire game as one character; sometimes you have to a solo mission as each character to advance the story.
  • No co-op in the story.
  • Some missions with all three characters you have to switch between them and then are given the opportunity to choose afterwards.
  • Can’t kill another character when playing as one of the three.
  • Michael can walk around his house and interact with his family.
  • In free roam you choose to play whichever character you want.
  • Each character is from a different part of Los Santos, but you can go anywhere you want.
  • Natural Motion Euphoria used just like in IV, RDR and MP3.
  • Entire map is open from the beginning.
  • LV and SF definitely not in game.
  • Downtown area of LS is smaller than Liberty City
  • During demo, game and switching characters ran perfectly without lag.
  • Swimming underwater confirmed, plenty of areas to explore.
  • Plenty of boats and hoes.
  • Internet on smartphone.
  • Lots of TV shows.
  • Trevor able to set things on fire when he wants, not just in missions.
  • Each character has his own inventory and money. Subject to change before release, though.
  • No CJ.
  • No characters from III, VC or SA.
  • Couple of familiar faces from IV will visit.
  • Variety of races included; cars, bikes, triathlons.
  • Still working on Wanted system.
  • Rockstar didn’t answer when asked if Xbox will have multiple discs.

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