First Look At The New Site

3 screenshots, 4 splash screens. What can be worked out?

Well the site has gone live, and we’ve been given a little taster of what’s to come. The official site features the first ever screenshots of GTA:SA. There are also 4 different images shown on the front page (one is picked at random – hit refresh to go through them all), which I’ll call Blond Woman, Brunette Woman, White Tatooed Guy and Black Sunglasses Man.

So what’s there to ascertain from our first look? Well your first reaction was probably the clear urban ‘gangtsa’ theme these pictures show. Whether this will be the main focus of the game, or just one gang, we can’t really say. Although it’s early days and from 3 screenies it’s hard to tell, the engine itself still seems to be renderware. Looking at a couple of the pics it seems like the draw distance is very short.

The time setting seems much later than first rumoured; 80’s or 90’s. Little can really be gathered about the gameplay – these are most likely from cutseens.

For more, check out the already lively discussion on GTAForums. There’s also an article on slashdot covering the new site, so discussion there will get heated up pretty quick.

GameSpot also have a ‘First Look’ page up, which goes over the pics in a detail.