Far and Inbetween – A quick request.

Some months ago (yes, it’s been months) I posted an email that was sent to Patrick by a certain indy game developer named Joe Laurino. Considering the amount of time that has passed between then and now, I’d have thought that the amount of hatemail he’s been getting would have died down – however, that seems to not be the case. For example:

bitch you didn’t know shit of what you were talkin bout on gtasanandreas.com bitch you dont know shit bout nuthin shut yo fuckin ass up and shove your shitty ass yahoo web site and your fuckin corperate emails that are sent from your aol email address. you don’t know shit fuckin the “coffee” scene isnt bad enough to be banned from a whole country but they did it because of bitch ass niggaz like you. fuck u homeboy and your dumbass fuckin thoughts and opinions because they are shit and ill fuckin spit at you if i see you bitch. its becuz ur a fuckin racist now if it would have been a white man you wouldnt have said shit about it.

hate or die

and no bitch i didnt get that from o.g. loc off gta my shit original son.


Anywho, Joe Laurino has gotten the message – he apologized for his actions back in the middle of August, and has once again asked me to pass on his request that the emails stop pounding in.

To everyone who has shown their support for Patrick and his innocence in the whole Hot Coffee deal, I offer my deepest gratitude. You guys really proved that when a treasured member of the GTA community gets hit, the entire community stands strong to defend them. Wewt-Wewt and all that good stuff.

Now, I’m mainly neutral in this matter (albeit a bit biased), so I’m not ordering/demanding that anyone do anything. It’s your choice. I’m just passing on the request from an individual who has been feeling the burn for the past two months.