Epsilon: Prepare to be amazed

You may remember from last month that Rockstar were calling all brother-brothers, sister-sisters and brother-sisters to submit their photo for a chance to get their likeness crafted onto ‘one of the five’ Epsilon Program leaders in-game.

Epsilon has now started contacting those who submitted their face, and got this neat little message confirming their participation (see below).

The positively enlightening yet cryptic message shed no light on the ever-mysterious cult religion. However, along with it we have two new images of the featured character. Signed with his own signature, it’s now pretty much confirmed that the leader is no other than Cris Fromage, who acted in the same position and spoke about Epsilon alongside Lazlow on West Coast Talk Radio in GTA San Andreas. While it was a no-brainer for some, it’s certainly interesting that something like this is crossing over into the universe of GTA V.

Good luck to everyone that entered!

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