Edge Magazine November Preview

Featuring three new screenshots of San Fierro, the November issue of Edge Magazine sports a two-page preview on the new Grand Theft Auto. Some of the information seems a bit shaky, but here’s a run-down of the preview:

“Beneath the water’s surface lie dolphins, turtles, schools of fish and more. Lead character CJ can now swim, although getting hold of a boat is a more sensible option when it comes to getting around.”

– Edge Magazine, November 2004
  • In addition to the marine wildlife referred to in the quote above, flocks of birds will be seen in San Andreas.
  • The tyres of the BMX bike “make a humming sound as they coast over the tarmac.”
  • Rough weather includes combinations of thunder and lightning.
  • As seen in a video on the official site, clouds are no longer textures, but real objects to fly through.
  • Your quest for hidden packages and bonus powerups will have you climbing on cars and ledges to get to otherwise inaccessible areas.

The new screenshots show a new angle of the Gant bridge, CJ driving a motorbike under the Gant bridge with the Kincaid railway bridge in the background, and a hippy in front of his “Love Van” with a rainbow in the background.

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