Double $ on Contact Missions and Bumper Benny Discounts This 4/20

For this week’s GTA Online event we’re seeing a bumper package of discounts from good ol’ Benny’s Original Motorworks!

Enjoy 70% off upgrades to selected vehicles such as the Itali, the Slamvan and the Voodoo, plus many others. There’s also 50% off green tire smoke and 40-60% off the Tyrant, the Zentorno, the Ardent and the Hydra.

And just so you can afford these upgrades and purchases with your side of Mary Jane, we’re getting double money and double XP on all Contact Missions, and triple rewards of the same on the Keep the Pace adversary mode.

MCs are not left out, with bikers earning double money on weed business sales and 50% off resupplies.

There’s also the Bravado Stylized tee, the Annis JPN tee and a white smoking jacket up for grabs just for logging in, and you can try your luck to win a customised Ocelot Pariah on your Lucky Wheel spins.

View the full event details here on the Rockstar Newswire, and Comment on GTAForums if you’ll be taking advantage of these 4/20 offerings!