Dan Houser interviewed by Yahoo! Games & Xbox Live Content

So far it seems as though the “exclusive” content promised by Yahoo! Games was over hyped, understandably so with how they promoted it. The interview with Rockstar’s Vice President of Creative, Dan Houser, went live today, providing nothing new that we didn’t know already from recent previews and interviews. There is however one interesting bit…

“[Niko] arrives in Liberty City, our reinterpretation of New York, from Eastern Europe to meet up with his cousin Roman. He has neglected to tell Niko that he is just struggling and is in debt to some Russian mobsters. At the same time, Niko claims to have left Europe simply for the adventure of America, but he is also looking for someone… and running away from some recent mistakes.”

Is this “someone” the same “special someone” that is being hinted at in the title of tomorrow’s trailer? Perhaps we’ll see who that is…

Also, Microsoft today sent out a press release announcing the trailer to go live one hour after its debut on Yahoo! Games and the official GTA IV website (we’ll have links and a streaming version available soon after) on Xbox Live. In addition to this, they’ll be releasing an Xbox 360 Dashboard Theme and Gamer Pictures. It is unknown whether this will be released for free or whether it will have a price tag on it. We’ll let you know once it’s added.

Dan Houser’s Taxicab Interview: Read Here
EDIT: Yahoo! updated their article with the same screenshots released earlier tonight by R* (as seen in news post above). No exclusive images as of yet.