The most anticipated moment in a long time here at GTANet, the GTA community and in all of the gaming industry is upon us today and we’re excited as you are. We’re moments away from getting the first glimpse at a new era in the GTA series and we can just speculate what it all will entail. Will it be London or New York, or even both? Rockstar Games did an excellent job at keeping things silent so we just can’t say until then…

Last night a dedicated section for the game was added to Xbox.com, for the first time confirming the obvious that the trailer is going to be in High Definition. The site always lists “key” info of a game on the left navigation and in this case it tells us that it will have one player functionality (although this can increase), surround sound, downloadable content from Xbox Live Marketplace and played at 720p.

Don’t start panicking about the 720p (720 lines at 1280 x 720 resolution) just yet, most of the powerful games these days are designed for 1080i (1080 lines at 1920 x 1080 resolution), but because the HD support for the Xbox 360 is dynamic it will always employ the best resolution your TV or monitor can display. But as you can imagine this is not necessarily confirmed info, so the game could be designed at 1080i.

Another small piece of news made its way around the web last night, putting PS3 owners in panic and giving Xbox 360 fanboys something to rant about towards them. It started off when GTA IV was added to the support page of the Rockstar Games website and only the Xbox 360 platform was seen. Missing a PlayStation 3 title, this gave reason for many sites to post about this and create confusion. Rockstar Games later added a PS3 version of course, after they had gotten a little bit of free publicity before the trailer release.

The recent influx of users here at GTANet, most notably GTA4.net, reflects on the high excitement for the trailer release and we’re expecting it to increase even more tonight. As previously stated, we’ll have downloadable links, a streaming version as well as a torrent file on our own GTA 4 trailer page as fast as possible. We’ll have a detailed analysis afterwards as well as anything else of interest surrounding the trailer. Be sure to take part in our pre-trailer chat prior to the release by going to the chat room applet or if you prefer an IRC client such as mIRC the server is irc.gtanet.com and the room is #gta.