Community Highlight: RDR2 Location Matching Still After Release!

For the longest time on GTAForums, we’ve had eagle-eyed mappers try to map out the locations of every single GTA game, that includes San Andreas, Liberty City from GTA IV, San Andreas from GTA V and even RDR2!

Certain events made mapping out the locations of RDR2 a little bit more trivial, but it never stopped being exciting for some of our mapping gurus, even if this involves matching the buildings from RDR2 to reference real life buildings the Rockstar artists may have used.

This is exactly what GTAForums member koeklin did just earlier. Having participated in the GTA V mapping efforts, he has been trying to match some of the RDR2 buildings around its world, to real life references in New Orleans, Ohio, and more of the US, and to the point!

In fact, he even was able to match the industrial art in the Wheeler & Rawson catalogue to the Sears Headquarters in Chicago!

Check out his amazing efforts on this GTAForums post, it’s definitely worth a look.

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