Community Highlight: NazarFinder (

Later last year, Rockstar added a mysterious character to the world of Red Dead Online, one who supposedly can travel and see through time in the blink of an eye, and that is ready to tell you your future without reservations.

Meet Madam Nazar, the collector and fortune teller.

She’s a sneaky one though, and every week she moves spots, so you’ll need to find her yourself if you wish to sell your collections or buy other items that may interest you, especially those related to role progression.

In September 2019, Twitter user @LukyVj created NazarFinder, both a Twitter account and a website you can use to know where she is at any time. Easy – the website tells you directly where she is and has a plethora of other maps, the Twitter account just tells you instantly where she is with the map of her exact location.

Definitely check out the website and the project, because we think it’s a pretty good idea given how sneaky Nazar can be…

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