More details on GTA Online!

While everyone’s busy exploring and enjoying the game, R* provided us with some interesting tidbits on the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto Online, out by October 1st. Here’s what they had to say: Grand Theft Auto Online is going to be something brand new for us: a fully realized and living world for multiple players that will continue to grow and take shape

GTA V – Art in Motion #2

Forum member jBhIpS has created another fantastic “Art in Motion” video which hopes to ready up people for GTA V’s launch this coming Tuesday. The “Art in Motion” series features artwork from GTA V presented in a moving format, more videos of “Art in Motion” can be found on jBhIpS’s YouTube channel. Enjoy and don’t forget to view the video on YouTube and discuss on GTA – Find Friends and Stalk for Deals!

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GameInformer GTA Online Hands On

The October 2013 issue of the GameInformer magazine featured a GTA Online Hands On preview with some new tidbits about the game. Special thanks to forums member xcroptic for summarizing the article and listing all the new info. Summary General: The aim of GTA Online is to do whatever it takes to get more money in the bank and accrue assets such

Featured Fan Art

A great new piece of fan art has just popped up by artist Patrick Brown. Patrick has several other exciting Grand Theft Auto themed fan artworks that have become very popular within the community. In regards to his recent addition, Patrick says: Grand Theft Auto V is only 6 days away! I wanted to do something for the launch of

Exclusive GTA V Screenshot

Rockstar very kindly sent over this exclusive screenshot for GTANet: Cheers Rockstar! More New Screenshots: ·· GTA Warehouse· The GTA Place· Rockstar Network· GTA Series· GTA Next · GTA Turk· GTA Gaming· GTA Inside· iGTA5· GTAPro· GTANF · GTA Xtreme· GTA Scene· GTA Base· Rockstar World· Rockstar Watch · Rockstar Nexus· Rockstar Resource· Rockstar 98· GTA5-FR· Rockstar Base

GTA V Website Update – 06/09/2013

Rockstar Games has just updated the official GTA V website with a bit more information on the game including “Exciting Music & Entertainment,” “Fitness & Relaxation” and “Security & Peace of Mind” on the home page of GTA V’s site. In addition to this, Rockstar has also released a brand new piece of art titled “Lester” and 8 brand new screenshots for you to enjoy,

IGN Interview With Rockstar North’s Phil Hooker

As part of IGN’s GTA V Week, the website was granted an interview with Rockstar North’s Phil Hooker, the associate technical director and combat designer for GTA V. The interview highlights Rockstar’s ability to adapt and integrate features and mechanics from previously released titles into Grand Theft Auto V. Hooker tells IGN that GTA V will boast mechanics that are much tighter

Have You Seen These Los Santos Residents?

Update: There is a fake twitter account claiming to be Haylee, one of the Epsilon contest winners. This twitter account is spreading false information about the game. You can follow the real Haylee at her twitter account here. Rockstar Games just tweeted the website asking if you have seen these Los Santos residents. The website calls alert to possible abductions by the Epsilon Program. Are these people