A Drive Through the Country

As part of its weekend San Andreas coverage, Gamespot has put up a similar article as IGN, also about the countryside. There’s quite a few new impressive screenshots, look for these here on Monday.

Not a whole lot of new info here, but here’s some of the more interesting bits:

  • There’s a bulldozer which features rear wheel steering, and the front blade/plow can be manipulated with the right stick.
  • Fire extinguisher can be used to, well, extinguish fires
  • One other new weapon mentioned is a shovel.
  • The cropduster plane we hinted at yesterday is confirmed. And there’s a new pic of a bi-plane as well.
  • One of the new bikes in the game is called the Wayfarer, which, according to Gamedot, looks like the Honda Gold Wing touring bike.

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Gamespot also put up an “exclusive” video preview which just features a bloke called Greg standing there looking awkward and talking sheepishly about the game. To make up for not having a unique preview they put up a dull 6 minute 30 second video of them zooming into watermarked screenshots and babbling on about stuff we already know. Disappointing. And not worth a link.