Yeardley Diamond 1985 – 2014

We are saddened to report the passing of Yeardley Diamond, a community YouTuber most known for his funny modded clips of GTA. Our thoughts are with his family.

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I Francis Agapito(Franz Agapitz in facebook) brother of Fernando Agapito jr. also known as YEARDLEY DIAMOND died this august 20, 2014… Yeardley Diamond died due to cardiac arrest… We the family or rather i apologize for the late update of his passing because we have lots of things to work for his grave, hospitals and other important things that related on his personal matters… We also had a hard time to reset his computer password(yeardleys computer) just to make in and use his Facebook to let you guys inform about the sad news… I tried to message some of my brothers friends in facebook using my facebook account before we hadn’t reset his computer password but sadly only one person replied to me… So i just thought that if i can use my brother’s facebook account i can formally inform you all… For the co-workers of my brother im sory that his gone now i hope you guys can help me make my brother(Yeardley Diamond) be a memory for all of us that cares for him… Thank you…
In Loving Memory Of:
Fernando Agapito jr.
a.k.a Yeardley Diamond
Born: Dec. 21, 1985
Died: Aug. 20, 2014
“Your memories will remain in our hearts forever”