Walkthrough for concerned parents

I present to you, the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough for concerned parents.

Mini-Game: “Cleaning your room”

What a “messy motherf*cker” Carl is! His room is a mess! Help Carl keep his room looking respectable by cleaning it up. Regrettably, his room only has two things in it that can actually be picked up — the can of spray paint, and the camera. It will take your child approximately four seconds to complete this mini-game, so once he or she is done, add to the fun by acting out a scene found in every single children’s TV shows of the 1980s. Urge him or her to put said items in the closet, and complete the following dialogue:

Parent: Well, this certainly looks a great deal cleaner than it did before!

Child: I did a great job!

Parent: Where on Earth did you find room for everything? [walks over to closet door]


Parent: [opens door, avalanche of teddy bears and miscellaneous sports equipment spills out and buries both parties in a comical fashion]

Child: ….cloooooossssseettt.

A good laugh – thanks to xox_vanzant_xox for the heads up.

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