GTA Vice City – Characters

Tommy Vercetti

Played by Ray Liotta

Redneck gun-runner at war with Mexican arms dealers, as well as the revenue agents on account of his moonshining hobby. Tommy is the main character. Click here to find out more.

Phil Cassidy

Played by Gary Busey (FBI detective from Point Break, and Private investigator from The Firm.)

Ricardo Diaz

Played by Luis Guzman (Short, Stocky, United States FBI agent in the movie Traffic.)

B.J Smith

Played by Lawrence Taylor (former Linebacker for the NY Giants.)

Ken Rosenberg

Played by Bill Fichtner (American Actor who is best known for his roles in TV series such as Prison Break.)

Umberto Robina

Played by Danny Trejo (Desperado, Con Air, Heat, The Replacement Killers.)

Other in-game characters include:


A “cultural attache” (read: generic fixer, likely bribable) at the San Dominican consulate, associate of Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez. We’re not sure where San Dominica is, but it’s probably somewhere near Wakanda or Latveria.

Steve Scott

Mob-linked film director. He’s apparently patterned after Steve Spielberg — Rockstar says he has a fondness for sharks and mashed-potato sculpture. Uh-huh.

Pastor Richards

Half-mad Bible-thumping televangelist, promoter of intense nuclear/apocalyptic paranoia, involved in many right-wing political causes. Composed of equal parts Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, and various other TV preachers we can’t remember.

Ice Cream Lady

Described as a “psychotic distributor of soft ice cream.” We’re down with any game that features psychotic distributors of soft ice cream.

Georgio Forelli

Transvestite mafioso associate of the Liberty City families, about to go down in court for a long prison stretch. As such, he is most likely not long for this world.

Mr. Black

May or may not be running money-laundering and assassination business as a sideline to his day job as commandant of Kamp Krusty.

Leo Teal

Restaurateur and suspected hitman, associated with Mr. Black.

Big Mitch Baker

Biker gang leader and decorated Vietnam veteran. Affiliated with various small-time drug and arms dealing. Apparently enjoys eating live animals. We think he looks a little like a heavyset Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Cam Jones

Unfortunate kleptomaniac associated with Cassidy, due for a long prison term thanks to his uncontrollable theft habit (he was caught running down the street with a largish safe in his arms).

Character Health Points

This is a measure of the number of gunshots that are required to kill each character:

 Colt Python Chromed Shotgun Spaz Shotgun Ruger Rocket Launcher Sniper Rifle PSG-1
Ricardo Diaz510720366
Lance Vance35410233
Colonel Cortez32210Glitch33
Phil Cassidy1112111
Hilary King1113111
Cam Jones1113111
Sonny Forelli510720366