Firstly, we have added three new guides to the gameplay category. The gang guide covers everything you need to know about gangs – from winning new territory to recruiting a small group of homies. Also check out the clothing and eating guides, which offer various statistics and maps to help you keep-in-shape and lookin’ good.

In addition to this, we have [finally] updated our mission walkthrough, although, we haven’t added new missions. Instead, we have re-written most of what was there, and it now contains a much greater level of detail aswell as 4 screenshots for each mission, to give you a better idea of whats going on. The Introduction and Los Santos sections are now complete. Keep checking for updates.

Already beaten San Andreas? Register free at our forum and discuss the next release in our newly created GTA4 section. You can also share your opinions on the Xbox and PC versions of San Andreas, which are set for release in June.

Speaking of which, you can now pre-order a copy from the Rockstar Warehouse or one of the retailers listed at the ‘Buy Now’ section on the official website. Stay tuned for more info as the Xbox and PC releases draw closer.