Last week we brought you news about the GTA show on Spike TV (Currently in the planning stages). We now have a lot more details about the project.

A TV version of “Grand Theft Auto” � the popular and controversial video game � is in the works at Spike, according to reports. The show � to be called “Hit and Run” � will be an animated, half-hour show set in Miami. Spike, which promotes itself as TV for guys, is ramping up its animation shows with “Hit and Run” and the already-in-the-works “Howard Stern: The High School Years.”
– New York Post
As for “Hit and Run,” Scott Fellows and wife Michelle Fellows (“Drake & Josh”) are producing the half-hour Miami-set toontoon that revolves around an entry-level bank manager who gets caught in an underworld power struggle when he crosses paths with a professional hit man. Spike has been working to rebuild an animation block for its skedsked, ordering 13 episodes of “Howard Stern: The High School Years” last month (Daily Variety, Aug. 18). “Hit and Run,” which Fellows said was inspired by popular first-person shooter and racecar videogame, marks a dramatic departure for the kiddie cabler scribe. “It’s for adults that play stuff like ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ This is more action-driven and more aggressive in the dialogue than anything I’ve ever done,” he said. Producers are casting voice talent for the pilot. Fellows’ producing credits include the animated series “Doug,” “101 Dalmatians” and “Race Rabbit.” He was also the showrunnershowrunner for the live-action series “100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd.”
– Variety

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