The Skies Are Your Friend This Week in GTA Online

In this week’s GTA Online bonuses, the skies are your friend and the best place to be right now. All Aerial Combat modes are rewarding 3x GTA$ and RP! Join a Stockpile mode this week, fly skilfully with all you’ve practiced in the last few years and take home triple rewards!

Feeling Lucky?

This week’s Diamond Casino & Resort Lucky Wheel reward is nothing more nothing less but the Imponte Deluxo! Until the 15th, spin the wheel for a chance to win the Deluxo and see for yourself if going 88 MPH in the streets of Los Santos actually lets you go back in time! Or, you know, you could just fly around in a car and look like a badass.

Free Money, Clothing and Discounts

This week Rockstar are awarding a GTA$500.000 gift to anyone who plays GTA Online. So log-in and look out for the reward after a few days – within 7 days even!

Completing 10 daily objectives in the world of Los Santos will also award you the J-Lager Beer Hat, along with an additional GTA$1.000.000!

Rockstar are focusing on the skies this week, so fans of the airspace and airplane spotters and pilots can take advantage of some nice little discounts – some stuff out there for those who are afraid of heights too:

  • 60% off Hangars, Hangar Modifications and Add-ons (Styles, Lighting, Floor Graphics, Office Furniture, Living Quarters, Workshops…);
  • 50% off the Buzzard chopper;
  • 60% off the classic P-996 Lazer;
  • 50% off the Deveste Eight;
  • 50% off the Benefactor Schlagen GT.

Twitch Prime Discounts

Those who are Twitch Prime members and have connected their accounts to the Rockstar Games Social Club can take advantage of 75% off all styles of the Arena ZR380 and the MTL Cerberus.

Rockstar also tease more details to come on future GTA Online updates in the coming weeks, so let’s be on the look out for that!