The end of character transfers and other updates in GTA Online

You’ve spent a few weeks grinding, now it’s time to go spending on the cheap, amongst other news today.

Before we get to the discounts, there’s a few important things to point out that Rockstar have announced today.

Character transfer ends 6th March

In what we’re assuming is a middle finger to the cheaters who transfer modded money, the ability to transfer your character (that is, appearance, money and progress) from last generation platforms to new generation platforms will no longer be active from 6th March. While the “definitive” version is no doubt the best way to play GTA V, with the upgraded visuals, first person mode, more animals and all of the updates of GTA Online, we hope this doesn’t affect those who are genuinely still working away at their last generation characters if they’ve been unable to buy a new console yet. With that said, if you’ve been hmmming and ahhhhing about whether to upgrade, now might be the time!

More updates “in the works” for 2017

One line, 16 words, it feels like a long time since Rockstar have been so candid! In a little bit surprising but somewhat refreshing tone, Rockstar also confirmed today that more updates are being planned for GTA Online this year. The scale of these updates? we’re not quite sure; we’ve had a few bigs ones over the last year like CEO, Bikers and Import/Export, so now might be the perfect time to release the most wanted vehicles, weaponry and clothing wardrobes that everyone is asking for. In response to our recent article about the GTA Online “slowing down” rumours in preparation for Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s pretty good news in general.

Register for the mailing list

Plug plug plug! Rockstar have reminded us that, apparently, registering with their mailing list occasionally grants select members bonuses and discounts in GTA Online. People are speculating that this has been the source of the recent $250k mystery bonuses, but it still seems pretty random (I’ve had nothing personally so far ). It also offers the usual latest news delivered right into your inbox about GTA V, GTA Online and yes yes yes, Red Dead Redemption 2! (eeek).

Rockstar says Thanks

Pat yourselves on the back everybody. Rockstar offers a nice gesture by toasting to the continually dedicated players of GTA Online from over the years; 2016 was a particularly good year so we’re told, with Rockstar offering some recent stats about what’s happened in the game world lately, including 24 million MCs and 10 billion vehicle mods being created/applied in December alone! Holy! They also offer their thanks for all the reports people send in about griefers, and reaffirm that they are commited to keeping the game clean from cheaters.

Now onto the sales…

There is certainly some money to be made and saved over the next 2 weeks until the 13th February, before we’re assuming a Valentine’s Day update will drop, including:

  • Double money and RP adversary modes – Juggernaut, Vehicle Vendetta, Lost vs Damned
  • 50% discount on Executive offices
  • 25% discount on Vehicle Warehouses
  • 50% discounts at LS Customs – vehicle armour, bulletproof tyres
  • 25% discount at LS Customs – cosmetics
  • 25% discount at Benny’s – cosmetics
  • 25% discounts at Ammu-Nation – pistols, sniper rifles, light machine guns
  • 25% discounts on select vehicles – turreted limo, buzzard, cargobob, Pegassi Osiris, Principe Diabolus
  • Premium races – The Wave and Vespucci
  • Time trials – Storm Drain and Up Chiliad

And that’s all folks!

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