Take-Two Shares Continue to Drop

Take-Two Interactive Software, publishers of the Grand Theft Auto series, still having money troubles. 2 weeks ago news broke of their CEO leaving and a warning of a massive sales shortfall, and shares are still dropping. As reported, this is part of a general trend in the gaming industry.

Take-Two is a large group of many developers, including Gathering of Developers, Talonsoft and Rockstar Games. Albeit their impressive back catalogue, the cash problems in April lead them to announce the postponement of various titles, including Red Dead Revolver and The Warriors.

Ignoring the age-old dogma of not putting all your eggs in one basket, money boffins are still confident that the upcoming release SanAn will keep Take-Two’s head above water.

The massively popular series has obviously been a winner for take-two, and is mainly responsible for turning the company from a small firm to a dominating publishing house and one of the industry leaders.