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Official Xbox Magazine: “Expect GTA V to be announced later this summer”

Last we heard, GTA V was “well underway”. Well, now, according to the “Crystal Ball” in the latest issue of Offical Xbox Magazine, the long awaited next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series is expected to be annouced some time later this summer. The article reads: Time’s up, says The Ball. Expect Grand Theft Auto V to be announced

OXM’s GTA IV Preview

The April issue of OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) contains a new preview of Grand Theft Auto IV, along with one new screenshot. The screenshot shows Niko in a black suit, holding a rocket launcher, and standing next to a blown-up car. The only new point mentioned in the preview is that painted yellow lines adjacent to safehouses (in dense areas

First Xbox Preview

FuriousDevil has just informed us that the first ever San Andreas Xbox preview is out! The preview comes with this month’s edition of the Dutch “Xbox Magazine”, and although no new info is given, it contains 19 exclusive in-game screenshots. Stay tuned for more info as the PC and Xbox releases draw closer. Related Link: GTAForums Topic