Hands-on GTA IV previews are live!

The latest — and eagerly anticipated — previews have finally landed! As we’ve been saying for a few days now, Kikizo, IGN, CVG, GameSpy, 1UP, Team XBox and Gamespot (amongst others) were all treated to yet another exclusive look at Grand Theft Auto IV. Here’s a delightfully quaint little summary of the new stuff: Each site got to play GTA

Assets from this weekend

Rockstar were kind enough to send us the assets from this weekend’s IGN and Gamespot previews. Enjoy! What would Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas be without weapons? Erm, Grand? With San Andreas just two days way, GTANet looks into what the game has to offer in terms of high grade firearms. Firstly, we see the Vulcan Mini Gun. This frightening weapon delivers barrages of ammunition