Rockstar Social Club

To coincide with the release of GTA IV, Rockstar will be launching a brand new website called the Rockstar Social Club. Registration for the club opens up on April 15th (mmm, tax day here in the US..), and it will apparently feature all kinds of multiplayer leaderboards and stat tracking. On top of the standard multiplayer ranking stuff, a press release

Another SA Tracker!

Just a quick update for y’all. A couple days ago we told you about a San Andreas stats uploader from The GTA Place. Another stats tracker has caught my attention recently, mostly due to it’s simplicity – you can find it here. Although it’s less detailed than the one we mentioned earlier, it still gives enough information to make it useful. To get an

Rockstar: “Modding Community Will Be Supported”

GamesRadar has put up a preview of San Andreas PC from their experiences with the game at Rockstar’s London offices. Along with what we already know and have put up on the San Andreas PC page, they repeated some details that we have known previously but that have been perhaps left on the sideline. You can save your player stats to a HTML