GTA IV Hands-on – Previews coming soon

Kikizo have informed us they will receive a hands-on preview of GTA 4 tomorrow, at Rockstar’s UK headquarters. The coverage, however, won’t be going live until around 27th February, but this date may change. The preview is only available to a selection of privileged websites (Kikizo is one of them) and although we don’t know the exact number of websites involved yet,

OPM GTA IV Preview Coming Soon

Yesterday, one of the users at our forums informed us that the upcoming issue of Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) will have a massive feature on GTA IV, which will go on sale in the United Kingdom on May 2nd. We contacted OPM’s editor Tim Clark to clarify that this is not simply a feature on last week’s trailer, and he confirmed that

Coming to a PS2 Soon!

A Take 2 Interactive press release made today briefly touched on plans for a PS2 port of the currently PSP exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The statement also reiterates that another title is in development for the PSP. At this stage we have no information about what to expect in these future releases, we can expect more information