New GTA IV Screenshots at BestBuy

North American electronics retailer Best Buy has added three previously unreleased screenshots to their GTA IV product page. If Rockstar’s release of exclusive retailer-only Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas wallpapers in 2004 were of any indication, then there is a chance that other major retailers (Wal-Mart, EB Games, GAME, etc.) will also be posting GTA IV exclusives of their own in the days

New GTA IV Dummy Boxes

UPDATE: We’ve just received confirmation from Rockstar that these designs are *not* representative of what the final box art will look like. They’re official teasers, yes, but they’re not the final box art. We’d like to apologize for crushing the dreams of anyone who got their hopes up. Really. The box art for Grand Theft Auto titles have always been a

Vice City Stories Delayed

We reported yesterday that Vice City Stories has been delayed in Germany until November 3rd. Now it seems this applies not only to Germany, but to the whole of the world. Today, UK retailers Play and Gameplay both changed the release dates on their sites to November 3rd, while Amazon lists the US release as October 30th – meaning a 13 day delay. In Australia, meanwhile, the release is currently