2 New Screenshots

Two new screenshots have surfaced: Immediate impression: Niko’s appearance has changed slightly since the last batch of screens were released (in July). His hair now looks shorter, and tidier. Discuss these shots at the forums.

New GTA IV Screens & Info from Games Radar, IGN, and GameSpot!

Games Radar, IGN, and GameSpot have all posted new previews of Grand Theft Auto IV, based on the existing demo. Included are 4 never-before-seen screenshots, plus all of the screenshots from the print magazine previews published earlier this month. Check it out: Games Radar, IGN, GameSpot. Official artwork: Expect more online previews to appear over the coming weeks. Discuss this news at our forums.

Official Word on 2-Player Mode for PC

Right after we reported last Saturday that there will be no 2-player for San Andreas PC, topics crept up on the forums about the June issue of PC Gamer reporting otherwise. We assumed our information was more accurate and did not cover the story, simply because the information we had was newer. PC Gamer was likely just making the educated guess that