new screenshot

Another New Screenshot

Yet another screenshot has been added to our ever-growing collection of GTA IV eye candy. This latest addition comes from the GamePro hands-on preview. If you’re under the impression that the city has been lightly dusted with a blanket of snow, sorry to disappoint — GamePro has upped the brightness and contrast of their GTA IV images. Hence the whiteness. Thanks to Chris_GTR1 for bringing

New GTA IV Screenshot at GameSpy

GoldenJoel from the forums noticed the following new screenshot over at GameSpy: Initially there was some confusion as to whether this is new or not, because the third GTA IV trailer contains a scene which is very similar. However although it looks similar, it’s not taken from the third trailer, and it is indeed a new screenshot. Unfortunately it’s pretty small, but we’ll try to get

Another New Screenshot at Yahoo!

Yahoo! has just posted the second of two screenshots given to the Associated Press a few days ago. Like the first one, it’s a bit small, but hopefully Rockstar will release larger versions soon..

Hidden Package

I just received “hidden package #1” via UPS from Rockstar. Inside was a Tw@ Internet Cafe mouse pad, a Liberty City lapel pin, wanted posters, and a new screenshot. The Videogeddon Arcade in the background is a nice touch. I wonder how long it takes Jack Thompson to issue a press release about it.. As always, you can discuss the new screenshot at

New GTA IV Screenshot in Official Xbox Magazine

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine (March 2008, USA edition) contains a new, never-before-seen screenshot of Grand Theft Auto IV. The screenshot shows Niko, on his knees, being arrested by two cops. Thanks to Freedom360 from the forums for bringing this to our attention. There is likely an exclusivity agreement between the magazine and Rockstar Games, which means we won’t be