IGN: NaturalMotion’s Euphoria Technology

Not so long ago, ragdoll physics kicked the level of gaming’s interactive realism up a notch; gone were the days of obtuse death animations that defied the laws of physics. With GTA IV, Rockstar intends on pushing the level of realism even further. With the powerful Euphoria technology quietly doing its thing behind the scenes, the developers have put a

Euphoria Engine’s Possibilities for GTA IV

Rockstar and NaturalMotion announced a partnership on February 27, 2007. While the announcement itself was predictably vague, GTA fans immediately caught on, and found several revealing clues. The announcement itself, reads as follows (shortened and emphasized at GTANet’s discretion): “Oxford, UK — Feb. 27, 2007 — NaturalMotion, the award-winning developer of 3D animation technology based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), today announced

Rockstar to Use NaturalMotion’s euphoria Engine

“Oxford, UK – Feb 27 2007¬†NaturalMotion today announced a partnership with Rockstar Games, Inc., the world-renowned publishing label, to integrate NaturalMotion’s revolutionary euphoria engine into upcoming next-generation Rockstar Games titles. Rockstar and NaturalMotion announced a partnership (PDF), which will allow Rockstar to use NaturalMotion’s “euphoria” dynamic motion engine for “upcoming next-generation Rockstar Games titles.” We cautiously assume this to include GTA IV,