Media Update

We have updated the screenshot and artwork galleries to include all of the most recent pre-release content. At the moment we are working on some gameplay guides to asssist you with Liberty City Stories, aswell as an applet similar to the incredibly popular SAM, which featured on our GTA San Andreas site. Check back soon(ish) for updates. Links: Artwork Gallery, Screenshot Gallery

New domain, new design & more

Welcome to First of all, we apologise for the recent downtime – There was a hard drive failure and it had to be replaced to prevent database corruption. If you have visited previously you will notice that we have a brand new design – crafted by Tsuroki and coded by Luke. As far as previews go – French site GameKult added a

Liberty City Stories: Site Launch

I present to you: GTA: Liberty City Stories, the newest addition to the GTANET family. There isn’t much to see at the moment, but we’ll naturally be adding new sections for weapons, vehicles, and whatnot, so keep checking back for news and info as it develops. (Please note that the current layout is only temporary, a new design is being worked

Multiplayer Section

Check out our new multiplayer section – it contains everything we know to date about multiplayer in Liberty City Stories, aswell as some technical details as to how it will actually work. “There are seven gameplay modes, each supporting upto 6 different players. You (the player) choose where you want to play, and who you want to play as. However, it’s not

Site Launch

At long last, we have launched our Liberty City Stories site! Well, sort of. As you can see we’re lacking a design, but Tank has assured us that we’ll soon have a design that is “worth the wait!” Check out all of the new content and feel free to suggest any possible improvements by posting at our forum. If you find something that

GTA PSP Official Name Liberty City Stories?

Someone down at the convention center where this year’s E3 is being held was able to have a look at the show being set up. In the Rockstar booth, among other things, is a bus painted completely black with the text “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories” underneath the PSP logo. As no official name has been given for the GTA PSP