Rockstar Social Club

To coincide with the release of GTA IV, Rockstar will be launching a brand new website called the Rockstar Social Club. Registration for the club opens up on April 15th (mmm, tax day here in the US..), and it will apparently feature all kinds of multiplayer leaderboards and stat tracking. On top of the standard multiplayer ranking stuff, a press release

Official Site Launch

Rockstar just mailed us to let us know that the official site has been updated with new screenshots, info, movies, an official trailer and more. Check it out! The US release date is October 25th 2005. Also, it seems Donald Love and Asuka Kasen are back… Mmm. Related Sites:Paulie’s Revue, Ammunation, Lips 106 FM, C.U.N.T

Official GTANET IRC Channel Launch

A while ago we received an interesting offer from two regulars on our forums, Smithers2 and TwoZero, who run an IRC server and offered to host a GTANET IRC channel. Earlier this week we accepted their offer, and the chat room was opened up a few days ago. Since then, news has been spreading about it by simple word-of-mouth, and now we have