Pre-Trailer Real-Time Chatroom

We’ll be hosting an IRC chatroom for real-time anticipation and discussion prior to and during the release of the trailer. You can join into the GTANet internet relay chat room by going to our chat room applet and selecting GTA Chat. Or if you know how to operate mIRC, the server you want to connect to is and the room is

Talk about LCS!

As the release date draws closer, more details are beginning to emerge and more people are talking about GTA: Liberty City Stories. GTANET offer two methods of chat: You can register FREE at – the largest Grand Theft Auto community on the net – and discuss Liberty City Stories at our dedicated section along with gamers just like yourself. You can also discuss Liberty City Stories LIVE through GTANET

Official GTANET IRC Channel Launch

A while ago we received an interesting offer from two regulars on our forums, Smithers2 and TwoZero, who run an IRC server and offered to host a GTANET IRC channel. Earlier this week we accepted their offer, and the chat room was opened up a few days ago. Since then, news has been spreading about it by simple word-of-mouth, and now we have