GTA4 HUD Revealed

The latest issue of Australian magazine ZOO contains photographs of one of their journalists playing GTA IV on a large TV screen. As expected, the HUD is minimal, and the only thing that’s permanently visible is the radar. The radar is surrounded by two semi-circles representing health and armour. Everything on the radar is translucent except for the roads. Things like weapons

Gaming Websites Preview GTA IV, New Screenshots Released

Tired of waiting for magazine articles to leak to the web, only to find that the pages are filled with little more than a rehashing of already known information? Us too. Nothing says “I stayed up late for THIS?” like coming face-to-face with GTA IV content that was first released weeks ago. Thank Mork for gaming websites. If it wasn’t

Playstation Magazine USA previews GTA IV

Poking along behind the rest of the crowd in the lead up to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, PSM (USA) offers up a zesty mix of both old and new information regarding the newest addition to the GTA family. While most of the “WE’VE HEARD THIS A MILLION TIMES!” facts are covered in full, PSM does manage to