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GTA IV Hands-on – Previews coming soon

Kikizo have informed us they will receive a hands-on preview of GTA 4 tomorrow, at Rockstar’s UK headquarters. The coverage, however, won’t be going live until around 27th February, but this date may change. The preview is only available to a selection of privileged websites (Kikizo is one of them) and although we don’t know the exact number of websites involved yet,

PlanetGTA’s E3 Hands-On Experience

About a week ago we asked our visitors to submit their San Andreas questions. Today we have the answers. One of our own, Jordan from our partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto, was treated to an hour long 1-on-1 preview of the PC/Xbox version of San Andreas at E3 today. Besides being able to get past the security and into Rockstar’s “booth” (which was more like a parking lot of pimped out

New Xbox Hands-On Experiences

TeamXbox has just posted previews of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Xbox based on their experiences with the game at Rockstar’s offices in downtown NYC. There is no new information as such, but the article is accompanied by a bunch of new screenshots. Here is a snippet: “Taking the custom soundtrack feature one step further, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

First Online PC Screens and Info

GameSpy, IGN, and Lamespot have all just posted early hands-on previews of the PC version of San An. All their screenshots are the same, and they all say pretty much the same thing about the game, but with enough divergence in the info to warrant checking out all three. Gamespy, for instance, says that “mod tools should extend the game’s life” in the

Next month’s PSM2

Be sure to buy next month’s PSM2 (UK), on sale August 26th. The special edition September issue promises a huge feature in next months issue. A ‘San Andreas’ theme is spread across two whole pages, and it appears to be next months main feature. WE’RE PLAYING IT – FOR REAL!One city down. Two to go. The mother of all scoop doggy dogg’s. Get the